Rights For Some Alleged On The Sandspit

A few allowed to damage the Scientific Reserve, alleges John Robinson.

‘Now that the whitebaiting season is upon us again, many vehicles will drive across the sandspit, within the Waikanae River Scientific Reserve, and park there, just like last year.

They will not be stopped, in fact they have official sanction. 

The Iwi Consultation Committee demand the right to drive across this precious ecological system.

The Department of Conservation say clearly that such action is damaging, but asked the Kapiti Coast District Council to issue permits for people to drive along the beach.

Council oppose the sandspit driving but issue permits regardless

(Credit: David Wall)

The Council website is clear that vehicles are not allowed along that stretch of coast.  The mayor and councillors say that they are opposed to driving there, but nevertheless issue these permits – again this year as in the past, despite calls to stop.

The mayor says he is concerned but insists that these permits must continue.

Those of us who speak out, wanting a guardian for the coast, are sidelined.  There is a power game being played out behind the scene and the opinion of the ordinary ratepayer is irrelevant.  The Iwi Committee is paramount.

There are no guardians for the coast, and no protection for the Scientific Reserve set up more than thirty years ago on this iconic environment. The people of Kapiti have failed to respect and take care of this environmental treasure.

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