Groundswell Rising Against 1080

New Zealanders disgusted at the lies and deceit published by DoC are invited to join us the Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation. The march to protest against the continued poisoning of New Zealand. Fishing and Outdoors newspaper

50+ years for what?

By Roger Childs

The Department of Conservation (DoC) has been poisoning the country with sodium fluoroacetate (1080) for decades.

It has had little impact on reducing the number of rats, stoats and ferrets which quickly recover after drops. However it has killed hundreds, if not thousands, of birds as well as ravaging the insects they feed on.

Possums have also been targeted because some organisations fraudulently believe it spreads Tb to cattle. However, as Ministry of Agriculture data shows, the country has been virtually Tb-free for many years – well under the world standard.

Dogs, cattle, pigs, fish, deer and possibly a few people have also died, and the deaths have been painful and slow.

The campaign for 50+ years has been destructive and an enormous waste of taxpayers’ money. The country is showing that it has had enough.

Increasing publicity

The Hikoi start in Bluff

In recent years the mainstream media has been seemingly frightened to analyse the subject. But that is changing.

Television, The Otago Daily Times and Stuff have been reporting on the issue and the sky hasn’t fallen in. The recent dumping of surplus bags of 1080 on Stewart Island, and the running down of a 1080 protestor earlier this month, in South Westland have been widely covered.

In the middle of June the Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation got underway. It started at dawn

  • on the 15th of June in Bluff
  • on the 14th from Cape Reinga.

The destination is Parliament and Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has promised to address the marchers.

Kapiti Independent has supported the anti-1080 cause for years, and recently we had a Radio New Zealand reporter get in touch about our articles on secret storage sites and fires that have occurred.

Facebook goes viral

Dangerous, deadly and destructive

Our regular correspondent, Carol Sawyer, from Wanaka has been with involved with a new anti-1080 Facebook site. The membership has taken off!

She reports: New OPERATION BAN 1080 facebook page hit 44,739 members tonight (Wednesday 8 August)… just three weeks old and a gain of over 2,500 members in the last 24 hours alone. Maybe, just maybe, we are reaching critical mass!

Another 1000+ had signed up by Friday 10th!

The government and its Conservation Department need to listen and stop poisoning the nation.

It has become the will of the majority of people.

Chur so proud of everyone supporting this Crap happening back home.God Bless you all for protecting our Country from the Idiots at Doc who think they know this is the way to go when it isn’t.Would they put 1080 in there backyard no just in everyone else’s backyard aye.Let us pray common sense prevails on our Govt AMINE.

I hope the public begins to note which publications simply refuse to even consider that the “science” they are being sold by DoC is not scientific at all. Statistics are very easy to manipulate to say what you want them to say. Scientists have bills to pay and families to feed and government departments like DoC have very deep pockets and are quick to punish disloyalty. Thank goodness the pendulum is finally swinging in the right direction. The ” “journalists” ignoring this truth should hang their heads in shame.

Emille Leaf and Alan Gurden are heroes for their participation in walking the length of NZ , Hikoi of a Poisoned Nation, bringing awareness to the people of NZ of the horrors and devastation of 1080 poison.And great thanks to the Kapiti Independent for bringing light to this subject…and printing the truth.

Ban 1080 and well done to those media people that are jumping on even if it is just to look…. that’s where it starts knowledge is power information either way is for you to make an informed choice


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