As I’m sure most people who know me know I think all politicians are low life, so don’t take this as support for any of them, but Labour would be no different than this current lot of fools with regard to cleaning up this mess. Labour was ok with all the current laws while in power the past 9 years, they left the fines etc at extremely low levels (what? 12 million per clean up) They are all ok with dodgy ships travelling around NZ, all of which have this highly toxic crap in their holds. We have to burn ‘clean’ fuel in our cars, but just off the coast you can burn whatever you want.
Labour approved deep sea drilling, they had to and so does National, it is a MUST, if ‘we’ do not have deep sea oil the system dies, your Kiwi Saver investments go to zero, we have to keep growing, we have to keep building more roads, we have to put in water meters, we have to have more police, more council control of our lives, more pollution, get the picture? to have growth we have to have more of everything …. that includes bad stuff.
To avoid a 9.1% decline in global oil supply, the International Energy Agency said in 2007 the world needed to spend billions on deep sea oil exploration, as deep sea is about the only place left.
So if you want children, grandchildren, and a retirement fund, you better hope and pray they strike oil, because without it we are back in the dark ages.*
As I said in 2000 Transmission Gully will never be built, and that goes double for the express-way.
* the fun thing is, burning oil has cemented us into extinction already.