European Union Ceremony At Wellington Waterfront To Honour Ukraine

Tomorrow (February 24) marks 365 days since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The European Union Delegation to Aotearoa New Zealand is organising a gathering at Wellington Waterfront to watch the sunrise and let some sunflowers into the water.

All who #StandWithUkraine are welcome to join.

This solidarity event will begin at dawn (6:30 AM) and conclude shortly after sunrise (6:57 AM).

Supporters will gather at Te Papa Promenade (Taranaki St Diving Platform to the corner just beyond Solace in the Wind statue) – look for the EU flags and torches.

There will be short speeches from representatives of the Ukrainian community in Wellington, Hon Andrew Little and H.E. Nina Obermaier, Ambassador of the European Union.

There’s nothing about the ultra-corrupt fanatical neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine to honor, but it’s possible to commisserate with the Ukraine people for the suffering, backed by the Washington War Machine has caused them. Where else have we seen this? It’s a long list. It would have been easy for the Biden administration to have prevented this war, but they weren’t interested in doing so. It would still be possible to quickly end the war, but there is billions of dollars for their buddies in the American Armaments Industry at stake. Nope, war is good for business. Unfortunately our politicians are wilfully ignorant.

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