World Cup Football With Dave Daniel

It’s with great pleasure that we welcome our latest columnist who will be reporting on the current World Cup and football beyond.


Dave DanielHi everyone. My name is Dave Daniel and I am the new the football correspondent for the Kapiti Independent News. I have lived on the Kapiti Coast for 11 years now, played football till I was 51, retired because of a broken toe and couldn’t be bothered running from one end of the pitch to another. It also didn’t help that guys many years younger were running past me in considerable numbers, but hey, all things come to an end.

So it has for England at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

It’s tough at the top level

Suarez scoresThe blame game has started in the English media which goes with the territory of course. In my opinion England weren’t that bad, but sport at the top level is very unforgiving. Two vital goals that they conceded happened when an attacking player got in behind a defender, only a metre or so, and suddenly the ball was in the net courtesy of a beautifully weighted cross and a clinical header.

It had to be Luis Suarez who did the damage for Uruguay, very painful indeed for the English fans and media who not much more than a year ago had hung drawn and quartered him for using his teeth and tongue at the wrong time.

Team building in the future

SterlingReports today suggest that Roy Hodgson will stay on as coach for England at least until after the 2016 Euro Tournament.

In my opinion he deserves to, as there were glimpses of the future, brighter than we have seen for a long time, with the likes of Raheem Sterling (pictured alongside), Daniel Sturridge, Ross Barkley, Luke Shaw, Adam Lallana and Danny Wellbeck being a group talented players who can rescue the English game from the old style of the long ball and pedestrian tactics. These guys want the ball and can live with it in tight situations and are not afraid to try and take defenders on.

Unfortunately, here is the real problem, they are all attacking players (except Luke Shaw, even he loves to go forward), and it is the defence that needs to be repaired. If Roy Hodgson can sort the back line out, then Euro 2016 will be very interesting.

Champions Spain going home too

It’s goodbye to Spain as well. Their demise scuttled all my World Cup bets, so a thousand curses on them. I feel that Holland’s performance against them was perhaps overrated and it is worth noting that Australia gave the Dutch a huge game and by all accounts deserved to get something out of it. Cristiano Ronaldo is struggling with an injury courtesy of the Ghanaian witch doctor who claims that there is nothing that the medics can do about it.

It’s a shame that he didn’t spend more time on Suarez, but us folks of English descent can handle defeat, we are used to it.

See you next time.

Great to have you part of the team! I look forward to learning lots more about football. Really well written — humour and reality!