Waikanae River Accord

waikanae riverCouncils agree to work together to protect river

By Alan Tristram

A strategy that will protection and improve the Waikanae River has been signed by Kāpiti Coast District Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The two councils have worked with local iwi and Friends of the Waikanae River to do the right thing for the river and the whole environment, said Council’s Environment and Community Development Committee Chair Councillor Penny Gaylor at the signing ceremony.

“It took a while but good things take time. As guardians of our local environment we needed to make sure we got this right.”  Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) Deputy Chair Barbara Donaldson says.

And she says it has been a pleasure to bring the strategy to fruition.

“This brings together  the management, flood protection, environmental and recreational enhancement of the river. I want to thank Kāpiti Coast District Council and all the people who have worked on it,” she says.Waikanae River P1120320

The Waikanae River Environmental Strategy was developed in 1999  by GWRC to guide protection and enhancement of the river.

It was reviewed in 2014 and endorsed by Kāpiti Coast District Council in September.

The published strategy will be officially released at a walkover of the Waikanae River on 31 October. For more information contact Anna Carter, anna.carter@gw.govt.nz or phone 04 439 4048.


9:37 AM (5 hours ago)

Lets see if this works better and lasts longer than the supposed Marine reserve management partnership with Iwi and reserve monitoring that is now defunct, disbanded and never really did anything especially press for river quality outflow required at an allowable level to discharge into a marine reserve.
Does one spell token with a small t or capital T 🙂