Political Turning Point?

A loser in 2002 and losing it in 2017

The Week National Lost the Election

 by Alan Tristram

I think two seminal signals from the past week show just how quickly politicians can snatch disaster from the jaws of success. Even  Nationalistas.

Jacinda Ardern

On the right-hand , PM Bill English has demonstrated several times how lacking he is in ‘Key Charisma’ — on the left, Labour has at last come up with a Leading Lady who has pizzaz as well as political nous.

First, Bill English demonstrated time and again he is still at heart a farm boy from the rural right.

Late this week, while hundreds of people queued for over-priced rentals in Wellington, English airily declared this was a ‘a problem of success.’

Earlier in the week,  he blamed unemployment on reports that many young New Zealanders can’t pass drug tests — a claim later refuted by statistical evidence.

His remarks betray a staggering lack of empathy with the plight of ordinary Kiwis.

Ms Ardern’s Charisma

Labour Love-In

Meanwhile, Labour looks like it has finally found its dream team.

As Stuff put it, ‘Jacinda Ardern’s chemistry with voters is what’s needed to help reconnect with some of those urban liberals, young people and women who have drifted away from Labour since Helen Clark’s time.’

She’s also the perfect foil for the Labour leader.

My gut feeling is the tide is finally turning for Labour, and it could wash Bill English out — again.