Power Trust Poll

electraThree KCDC councillors spurn council’s use of votes for Electra board members

By Alan Tristram

Three Kapiti Coast District Councillors have refused to take part in the council’s use of community votes to back selected Electra Trust candidates.

The three — mayoral candidate K Gurunathan (Guru), Cr Mike Cardiff, and Cr Tony Lloyd — all opposed the use of Council’ ‘block’ entitlement of 514 votes to back council-approved candidates. Their view was summarised by Cr Gurunathan who said recently the votes belong rightly to the Kapiti community, not councillors.

Council is major customer

For the year ending 30 June 2012, Council spent almost $2m excluding GST on electricity. As a major customer of Electra, it has 514 votes.

But, because Councillors Gurunathan, Cardiff and Lloyd chose not to exercise their votes, the Council only used 368 of the 514 votes.

And, ‘surprise, surprise,’ the long-term former KCDC councillor and deputy Mayor Ann Chapman came top of the poll with 115 votes. She and second-runner Sharon Crosbie were elected.

Ms Chapman and the nine other candidates were invited to give a five-minute address at the beginning of the Council meeting.

Those who turned up were Ann Chapman, Philip Comber, Sharon Crosbie, Murray Drummond, Jacqueline Elliot, Wynn Ingram, Liz Koh, David Scott and Nigel Wilson.

Judith Holloway’s presentation was read in her absence.

Vote taken in public

The vote was taken in public and the results were:

Ann Chapman 115 votes

Sharon Crosbie 92

Liz Koh 69

Wynn Ingram 69

Judith Holloway 23

Council had the option of not voting at all in this year’s Trust Election, but chose yesterday to exercise its right to vote.