Noosa 2: Early Start

Life after dawn with surfies galore

By Roger Childs

Tony and I were off at 5.00am: our destination — Hell’s Gate in the National Park.

Before we left, a range of river craft had passed by our deck: canoes, kayaks, dragon boats, stand up paddle boards and launches.

The dawn was breaking by the time we reached Noosa Heads and there were already a couple of hundred people on the beach.

It was about 5.35am as we headed into the bush on a boardwalk that took us up and over to the start of the coastal track.
Into the Park
Noosa Beach. The National Park can be seen in the background

In the car park there were plenty of Surfie ‘heaps’ with untidy mattresses and assorted swimming gear in the back. Many of the bronzed lads and lasses, with surfboards under their arms, featured on the coastal trail as we ran on.

They were heading for Alexandria Beach with its light colored sand and challenging surf which sweeps in from the Tasman.
Now at about 6.00, the sun was rising over this Aussie paradise, and as the concrete trail turned to sand, shingle and rock we passed scores of dawn breakers walking, jogging, and, sometimes sprinting!
Coastal magic

As the path undulated along this picturesque coastline, we had the bush above on our right and the superb shoreline views away to the left. At Hell’s Gate on the

The coastal walkway

Point, the surf pounds relentlessly into a narrow, rocky inlet casting foam and spray over the silent boulders.

On the way back we met our Christchurch friend Wendy, coming the other way. She joined us later in Noosa Junction. Going back along the track, we met over 200 late risers; it was now about 6.20!
Then it was onto the boardwalk above the iconic Noosa Beach where there were now several hundred swimmers, surfers, sun bathers and observers.
The day lay ahead
We finally reached the apartment about 6.45 and the sun was now spreading its warm blanket across the resort town: it would reach over 30 C later.
For thousands of locals, and tourists, it’s always an early start in Noosa. Having done the exercise, 7.00am is a great time for breakfast!