More Election Meetings In Waikanae

Two more KCDC candidate meetings in Waikanae

Kapiti Island taken using the Mavic 2 and in the foreground the suburban houses of Waikanae Beach

Two public meetings have been announced for Waikanae in the final weeks of the local body campaign. Both are on a Sunday afternoon to make it easier for voters who work on weekdays to attend.

Sunday 25 September – Mayoral, District-wide and Regional Council candidates. 2pm at Waikanae Baptist Church, Te Moana Road.

Sunday 2 October – Waikanae Ward & Community Board candidates. 2pm at Waikanae Presbyterian Church, Ngaio Road.

The chair of the organising group, Marion Norton, says the meetings will be held after voting papers have been delivered to households.

“That was deliberate. Some voters really start to focus on their options once they have voting papers in their hands. Some will have posted their votes by then but statistics from the 2019 election indicate that most leave it until the final week.”

The public meetings have been organised by the Waikanae Branch of the Labour Party, but organisers emphasise that meetings will be entirely free of party politics.

“We host public meetings like this because we are committed to democracy. We all value informed participation.”

“Each candidate will have an equal time to answer set questions and the chair will ensure that they all get a fair hearing. There will also be questions from the floor and time to chat with candidates informally.”

Voting papers will arrive in the mail between 16 and 21 September and should be posted by Tuesday 4 October.  Papers can also be dropped off at KCDC offices and libraries before Saturday 8 October.

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