KCDC Answers Low Carbon on Pool

The Kāpiti Coast Chief Executive, Wayne Maxwell, has answered Low Carbon Kāpiti (LCK)criticisms over the Ōtaki Pool.

LCK said (story below) it had discovered that  fossil-fuel use at Ōtaki Pool has increased by 17% as a result of changes made during refurbishment.

The Kāpiti CEO replies: “The Council rebuilt the Ōtaki Pool building last year because the previous building needed replacing. There is

Kapiti CEO Wayne Maxwell

no risk of moisture damage to the new building.

“The new design is up to modern day standards with appropriate, durable materials for an aquatic environment. This includes vapour barriers to prevent moisture damage to the building.

“Opened in December 2017, the new Ōtaki Pool building has an improved air handling system that has created a much more pleasant environment for pool customers.”

The Council says there are plans to further upgrade it to a more sustainable system, complete with heat recovery in 2021/22. Just over $400,000 has been budgeted for this.

Money not available

It adds: “At the time of designing the new building, it was known that a heat recovery system would be needed, but funding wasn’t available for both the air handling upgrade and heat pump at the time.

“As per standard practice the air handling upgrade was completed first.”

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