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Mandy Hager’s Call to Arms

2014 November 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

mandy author at desk jan 2010Key and Co. ‘digging themselves ever more deeply into the mire’

By Mandy Hager

It’s hard to choose a point at which to sit down and write about the unfolding meltdown going on in Parliament around John Key’s ‘black ops’ team and his problems with being able to differentiate between truth and lies.

From hour to hour, he and his cohorts seem to be digging themselves ever more deeply into a stinking mire.

Yet what seems extraordinary is the ability of those who support him to overlook the very real and serious facts revealed about Key’s team tampering with our democracy — and for their monumental state of denial — to continue to drive the narrative in the mainstream media. read more…

Ambitious Otaki Concert Great Value

2014 November 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Kapiti Concert Orchestra Celebrates in style

 By Ralph McAllister

Nga Purapura Who would have thought that we would have queues and traffic jams at Nga Purapura last Sunday in the middle of the afternoon?

The occasion was a concert to celebrate 10 years of classical music by the Kapiti Concert Orchestra.

Helped by the Kapiti Chorale and the Kapiti Chamber Choir and, most of all by celebrated pianist Michael Houstoun, conductors Ken Young and Eric Sidoti presented a programme of rich and varied delight to an audience of over 800. read more…

Kapiti Town Centre Upgrades

2014 November 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters
Mahara Place -- 'Your town centre is the heart of your community!'...KCDC

Mahara Place — ‘Your town centre is the heart of your community!’…KCDC

KCDC plans to upgrade civic spaces in Paraparaumu and Waikanae 

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District Council has prioritised improvements to the Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres. This will mean major upgrades to Mahara Place in Waikanae and several key benefits for the public spaces around the civic building and main library in the Paraparaumu town centre.

The KCDC says: “High-level concepts for improving public spaces as part of the Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centre transformations have been ranked to reflect their priority.

“And these will be taken into account along with other factors such as affordability, flexibility and private investment opportunities as the town centres team develops the programme (due early next year).” read more…

Our Choice On Key And The SIS Bungle

2014 November 26
by Kapiti Independent Reporters
To all of you worried about my office staff, this is my personal answer...’

To all of you worried about my office staff, this is my personal answer…’

NZ’s best reporting today – the NZ Herald’s John Armstrong asks Key to man up

By the Editors
Nicky Hager’s revelations about National’s dirty tricks were bound to  surface again after the election. The recently released report from Intelligence watchdog, Cheryl Gwyn, confirmed that the Prime Minister’s Department colluded with the SIS in getting documents released to Cameron Slater,  for the sole purpose of embarrassing the then  Labour leader, Phil Goff.  The Gwyn report validates the claims made in “Dirty Politics”.
For our money, one of the best piece of political reporting today was by leading political journalist John Armstrong, of the “NZ Herald”. He asked:
“What is so hard about offering an apology, Prime Minister?”

read more…

Popular Kiosk Reopens

2014 November 27
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

SBeach Kiosk saved by locals will reopen this weekend

By Alan Tristram 

 The popular beach kiosk at Paraparaumu Beach, which was saved from demolition by a major public protest, will be reopened in two days time.

And the local Community Board says the MacLean Park kiosk is now available to be used by community groups.

The kiosk was badly damaged by fire a year ago — and at first the Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) planned to demolish it. read more…

Kapiti And Hutt Valley Hoop Clubs Meet

2014 November 26
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Great morning’s basketball last Sunday

By Angelo Robinson. Photos by Paula Cowle

Hoop Club Kapiti vs Hutt Valley 2On Sunday 23 November Hoop Club Hutt Valley came out to play Hoop Club Kapiti for some friendly games.

The programme was as follows:

~ 9.30am: the 8 & Unders

~ 10.30am: the 10 & Unders & 12 & Unders

~ 11.30am: the 14 & Unders.

read more…

Weather Unkind To Strawberry Festival

2014 November 25
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

Dramatic contrast with 2013

By Roger Childs

MPH weatherAfter a fine day on Friday, the Kapiti Coast weather was brutal the following day. Then Sunday was beautiful. Unfortunately, the Strawberry Festival, to raise funds for the Mary Potter Hospice (MPH), was on the Saturday when the storm roared into Paraparaumu Beach.

The programme, set around the sale of strawberries and ice cream, and Christmas gifts, was to start at 9.00am and run through to four in the afternoon. A range of bands, music groups and dancers were due to perform and 60 stalls selling food, jewellery, clothing and other goods were set to operated down MacLean Street. Sadly much of what was planned was blown away. read more…

Surgery From SH1

2014 November 25
by Kapiti Independent Reporters
Surgical procedure on board (earlier stop)

Surgical procedure on board (at earlier stop)

Mobile operating theatre treating Kapiti patients today

By Jim Webber and Alan Tristram
Photos: Helen Tristram and MSU

An amazing ‘fold-out’ operating theatre has arrived in Kapiti on the back of a bus chassis; and is parked next to Paraparaumu Hospital.

Soon after arriving, doctors started operating on local people and at least one patient from farther afield.

The Mobile Surgical Unit (MSU), as it’s called,  travels the country on a five-week loop, stopping off for the day at 23 regular sites. read more…

Davis Cup: The First Swiss Win

2014 November 24
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

 The Swiss love him — there are flags at all his matches and he supports his hometown tournament — but Federer is a truly global superstar. He’s the hometown favorite wherever he is, from Wimbledon to Paris to Shanghai to Indian Wells to Tokyo. He’ll remain that way. But today he’s as much a Swiss hero as ever. Chris Chase, USA Today

Federer and Wawrinka close it out for Switzerland

By Roger Childs

Lille FedererRoger Federer made history for his small country by beating France’s Richard Gasquet on Sunday. With that victory Switzerland won the Davis Cup for the first time. But he couldn’t have done it without Stan Wawrinka. read more…

Labour’s New Line-Up

2014 November 24
by Kapiti Independent Reporters

kris faafoiLowly role for Mana’s Kris Faafoi, but major promotion for Annette King annette king

By Alan Tristram

Labour Leader Andrew Little has announced a new Caucus line up which brings forward new talent and draws on the party’s depth of experience.
Mana MP Kris Faafoi has an unranked position and is spokesman for Commerce, State Services, and Racing (and is Assistant Whip).

He has lost his role as broadcasting spokesperson, which — as a former journalist —  he filled with some distinction, in my opinion.
However, another Labour MP well-known in Kapiti, Annette King, has been given a key post as deputy leader. read more…