Mayor’s Move Derided

Turver says KCDC can’t ‘pass buck’ on CEO’s

Pay Rise

Former Kapiti mayoral candidate Chris Turver says the efforts by Mayor Rowan to ‘pass the buck’ for setting pay packages of local government chief executives ignores the fact that local authorities are the direct employers of their CEO’s.

He says the remuneration of elected Mayors and Councillors is set by the Remuneration Authority because it would be entirely inappropriate for them to set their own pay.

But chief executives are interviewed and hired by elected Mayors and a sub-committee of Councillors.


“It is the direct responsibility of the employer to set the pay and conditions of their CEOs and to review their performance each year,” says Mr Turver.

“If Mayor Rowan does not understand this,” he says, “she should not be in the job.”


It seems ‘Dis Turber’ has started his mayoral election campaign already – by finding an issue on which to deride Jenny Rowan. ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time…’

Joy Anderton says the Council is transparent and what you see is what you get. Yes they are transparent. And you do not have to be a clairvoyant to see right through the smoke screens and bluster. Unfortunately what you see is what you get. Never mind most will be gone after the next election.

I am sick and tired of the venom and blatant lies promulgated by Chris Turver.It is so transparent that his motivation is sour grapes- he has lost twice to the incumbent mayor. Why can’t he accept that this community does not want his negative, hate-filled approach to local potitics.
What I appreciate about the current council and Mayor is that what you see is what you get- there IS transparency and accountability and whilst they are not perfect they come closer to it than any others I have known over the years.
Lets get in behind our elected members- keep them honest, for sure, but don’t crucify them!