Nothing for the Guy

Nine metre high motorway?

Vote Guy Out! say protesters

The SaveKapiti group says it has merected a nine-metre cherry picker on Te Moana road in Waikanae to show just how high the Kapiti Expressway will be above the local road.

And it’s calling on local people to vote Otaki National MP Nathan Guy put of office because he supports the Expressway.

Spokesperson Bianca Begovich says: “We want everyone to visualize what a fully-lit four-lane 100 kph autobahn at this height will do to the area.

“This spotlights the role of Otaki National MP Nathan Guy, who initially supported the local Western Link road, but changed his mind and now supports this massive concrete autobahn through the middle of Kapiti’s quiet communities and open spaces.”

Expressway height increased

She says: “Initially NZTA had said that the expressway would traverse Te Moana road at 6m but information released last month shows that figure had increased to 9m, with at least 6m of lighting above that.”

Mrs Begovich adds: “This is just another example of NZTA saying one thing and doing another.

“No one will be left unaffected.  With only four kilometres between the current SH1 and the beach, everyone will be able to see and hear the autobahn, and the same applies to anyone living the same distance from Kapiti road in Paraparaumu”.

Plans said to be ‘works in progress’

She says the NZTA Wellington State Highways Manager Rod James has said that the plans are ‘works in progress’ because the interchange crosses a sloped area on a curve, which requires a higher elevation than the rest of the bridge.

However, Mrs Begovich says this is just another example of NZTA’s ‘incompetence.’

“They can add this to their list of ‘unexpected issues,” she says. “What with the questionable budget, high water table, rare bird sightings and the massive geotechnical difficulties, you’ve got to wonder whether they have any idea about what they’re doing at all”.

About 400 SaveKapiti members plan to oppose the proposal at the Board of Inquiry hearing expected to be held early next year.

But, Mrs Begovich says, “The best message Kapiti people can send to the government about how they feel is by voting out Nathan Guy on 26 November.”

What surprises me is you think Guy has enough between his ears to have an opinion about anything. I think the bloke is a vacuum waiting for his bosses to tell him what to say. I’m amazed he doesn’t have a wind up Key sticking out of his back. He is 100% focussed on what is best for Nathan, he will do or say whatever his masters tell him to, I only wish my puppy was so well behaved.
Please don’t worry about this ‘autobahn’, it will never be built, just like Transmission Gully, both these projects are like the 70 meter high Easter Island Statue, laying flat on its back in the quarry, still waiting for its legs to grow, as promised by the idiot leaders at the time.
But what the hell 99% of people would rather focus on a never to be built road than the reason this road, and most grandiose structures on the drawing boards now, will never be completed, as spelled out quite clearly on my website.
The next 3 years should see National cancel all these roads of national significance, as the October 2010 report from Parliamentary support says – New Zealand will be facing big problems with our fuel supplies from sometime in 2012 onwards. This will result in rationing. Can anyone see a government building roads while people queue for gas?
We have way bigger concerns, but alas no one wants to know, hence they will get bigger. And the government, and ALL other parties know this, they would all rather talk about growing legs on rocks i.e. Kiwi Saver, than do anything for your children … or as it seems their own.
As every option on offer at these elections all lead to the destruction of your children’s environment, I for one will not leave the house on election day, voting only encourages them to keep lying to you.

The trouble with a candidate who becomes an MP and changes their mind is that they can be called a liar. If that MP stands for a party where the Leader has been called a liar, this is a whole different kettle of fish. Specially one with a chequered history of dubious funding of the raincoat variety.

Well, if all that Mr Guy has done is change his mind, not really so bad, is it? What a fuss, and now I hear he’s called Flip Flop, so that’s all of us at some time or other. Anyway, I’m sure that MPs have more serious things on their minds than worry about people pointing out that they’ve changed their mind on something. Why, people change their minds all the time, flippity flop! Oh, I didn’t mean these shoes, I meant those ones; I decided to watch TV 3 News instead of TV One; I’m voting Labour this time … Apart from anything else, what was it exactly he changed his mind on? … Eh? Sorry …
you mean he used to support a 2-lane road which suited Kapiti and now says a 4-lane super highway rising to 9 metres in places would be best for Kapiti. Well, I suppose a lot can change in a couple of years, even MPs’ minds. OK, OK, I’ve changed my mind about MPs changing their minds. And I think I really will vote Labour this time, anything to get better transport solutions.