World Cup 2: Suarez, Captaincy and Issues

… I lost my balance, that destabilised me and I fell on top of my opponent. Luis Suarez

Three bites and you’re out?

By Dave Daniel

Suarez and his teethEngland, Spain and Portugal have all gone home. So has Luis Suarez, but latest rumours are that he is being readied for sale to Barcelona who don’t seem to be bothered that he has a penchant for human flesh. Another story says that Liverpool will fight tooth (Yes it said that!), and nail to keep him and help him through this.

His story is sad, hardly believable except that we know it is true. Personally I am staggered that he has only got a four month ban. Surely three bites and you’re out, goodbye, au revoir and don’t come back.  I was astonished to hear Phil Neville, Brad Freidel and Alan Hansen say on BBC that FIFA have got it right. What message does this send to all the kids round the world ? Vampires welcome !

Suarez had a great league season for Liverpool

The saddest part of all is that Suarez is a brilliant player and this is coming from a Manchester United supporter. I have always had an admiration for the way Liverpool teams have played. I remember the Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley teams, oh they were good alright and Brendan Rogers is building a side that plays attacking football with pace and flair.

Suarez won a lot of accolades in the last English Premier League season and rightly so. This brings me onto something else.

Captain Gerrard made critical errors

Steven GerrardWhat makes a good captain? Liverpool basically lost the title when they capitulated in the last 15 minutes against Crystal Palace. They were 3-0 up and would surely have gone on to win the league. Their captain is Steven Gerrard who also happens to be the England skipper.

At Crystal Palace he should have told his players to play it safe, protect their lead and above all else concentrate. England equalised against Uruguay and held the upper hand, but went onto lose. Maybe he’s not the man for the job.

At crucial times in certain matches, a captain’s presence, instructions and calm behaviour are crucial.

Football issues are important!

Arsenal fansBut does it really matter, as my wife says when I am trying to explain a football issue that perplexes me? I am reminded of the movie Fever Pitch from the book of the same name by Nick Hornby.

In one scene the main character, (an Arsenal fanatic), is in bed with his girlfriend and he is listening to the match reports on the radio from the night before. She wishes to talk about where their relationship is going. He gets out of bed, wearing his Arsenal boxer shorts and says: I don’t understand you. Arsenal lose 5-0 and you want to talk about our relationship?

So yes, it does matter. See you next time.

PS  The Uruguay team has followed Suarez home after losing 0-2 to Colombia in the second round.