‘Work Ready’ Works for Kāpiti Youth

Work Ready Kāpiti says it’s been an outstanding year, with employer engagement up by over 100% on its first year.

It says the launch of WEX – their Work EXperience programme — in July has seen 22 successful placements already. And some students went on to secure apprenticeships or further paid work because of these connections.

The Kāpiti Work Ready Passport was completed by 20 students this year. They all graduated officially at the Annual Awards ceremony at Southwards last month.

The aim of the ‘passports’ is to ensure that Kāpiti youth develop skills which local employers want.

Students equipped for new jobs

These students now have character references, teamwork
skills, academic achievements and other desirable qualities for employers.

Throughout the year Work Ready Kāpiti have hosted four ‘EmployerMeets,’

Speed dating for work!

These are speed-dating style events between employers and youth. These have seen great growth with sixty-
five youth going through this programme in 2019.

This year has seen a big rise in employment engagement. ‘It is up over 100%from Work Ready Kapiti’s first year,’ says Bryan Gundersen, Chairman of Work Ready Kāpiti.

“Now that we have been operating for two years. We are having a positive impact on the employment prospects of Kapiti youth.

“We are gearing up for an even bigger year, next year.”

If you would like to get involved in any of Work Ready Kāpiti’s programmes for 2020, check their website for further details – www.workreadykapiti.com.

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