Winds Scatter rubbish


Council appeals for public help to counter litter problem

By Alan Tristram

The Kapiti Coast District council says strong wind gusts are toppling wheelie-bins and recycling crates in the District.

And, in an unusual move, the KCDC has appealed for public help, even suggesting householders postpone putting out bins for a week.

It says the Council’s waste and recycling collectors are doing what they can to keep streets tidy, and Council staff have also been out collecting wind-blown litter.

But, the KCDC says: “With windy conditions likely to continue for a few days, the Council is asking residents to help minimise litter on the streets by delaying putting out rubbish.”

It asks residents to help out by recycling until next week or taking rubbish to a drop-off station.

“If this is not possible, “ the KCDC says, “crates should be packed with heavier items on top to stop plastics and paper from blowing away.”