Wilson In The Gun

KCDC Biffs Regional Councillor Over

Fran’s Big City Plan

Kāpiti’s representative on the Greater Wellington Regional Council, Nigel Wilson, has come under unprecedented criticism from the District Council he is supposed to be co-operating with.

The Kāpiti Coast District Council has accused Mr Wilson  of publicly backing local government amalgamation, based on his personal views rather than wider public opinion.

The matter arose during a special council meeting called to consider an invitation from Greater Wellington chair, Fran Wilde, for Kapiti to join an independent panel to look at changes to regional governance.

Councillors unanimously voted against joining the panel and also formally recorded their disappointment with Councillor Wilson’s “pre-determined view” on amalgamation, allegedly displayed without consultation with Kapiti elected representatives.

The motion was moved by Councillor Tony Lester, who said he was surprised Mr Wilson wasn’t at the meeting, given that it was discussing a Regional Council initiative.

Wilson’s ‘mandate’ questioned

Cr Lester said: “It’s a pity because I had some questions for him. I am extremely concerned about the comments he’s making publicly and I question where he is getting his mandate from to make the sort of decisions and comments he’s making.”

Councillor Mike Cardiff also questioned Mr Wilson’s conduct. “I don’t believe he represents the broader views of the district,” he said. ” All we’ve heard from Nigel is his own personal views.  That’s not good enough.”

Councillor Wilson visibly angered the Mayor and councillors at a recent council meeting when he expressed his pro-amalgamation views during an update on regional council affairs.












I am concerned that all talk around Local Govt reform is centred solely on modified status quo (with a strengthened Mayoralty Forum) versus Super City. There are other options and public debate could well bring forward more. It is more than a shame that KCDC is going to pay for consultants to produce reports so they can tell us what they think (consultation). Surely this is the very time that KCDC should be demonstrating this local democracy they keep asserting exists and hold public meetings to foster discussions and ideas. I’m sure the public could come up with many great ideas at far less cost than consultants. Why not utilise the Community Boards and have forums.

Better idea, how about Waikanae and Otaki just ditching the rest of Kapiti for the peace and tranquility of Horowhenua instead of the KCDC who are a law unto themselves, not being accountable to the ratepayers as they should be. Think about it???????

Great, Nigel! Keeping us on our toes, ruffling feathers, making us think, getting feedback, highlighting the irony of our council’s water meter stance influencing the public, many of whom agin meters … and Raumati people still deserve a station no matter the politics going on.

What surprises me is Nigel knows the age of central everything, not just government, is just about over, by the time this central government is set up we will have to dismantle it again, in fact in the end we will be reduced to enclaves of small groups of survivors, the longer it takes for us to get to that point the worse it will be.
So yet again denial and apathy rules. But lets keep arguing over which end of the egg to eat first.

So the KCDC can be inside the tent when it comes to shoving through a district-wrecking motorway, but won’t get inside the tent when it comes to looking to a future for the district that may be forced on them anyway.

The bare-faced hypocrisy of this council would be astonishing, if it was at all surprising.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Maybe now KCDC know how we feel when thery refuse a referendum on water meters and try and force through a 4 week suubmission period,
Just so you know, it started today and at 3.30 it took 3 customer service people 15 minutes to find and print off a submission form.
Thanks KCDC for filling half the page with your own propaganda and Thanks KCDC for not leaving enough room on the form for one comment.
Thanks for making it 3 colour and A5 size, is this so we can’t print off, I asked for a black and white A4, 100 copies so folks can fill them out, do the same please, lets flood them.

They are supposed to be online on the website from today, nearly died of old age trying to find it
so email me at askusfirst@hotmail.com for a copy it’l come right back to you.
Good on Wellington City Council giving KCDC the squeeze. At least now they’ll know how us poor ratepayers have felt for the last 3 years.

Moving around the Kapiti community people tell me they are against being amalgamated; they don’t want to lose our values and characteristics.
What is most important is that we will lose our autonomy, our uniqueness in having a Youth Council, Older persons Council, the support of worthy causes and organisations; and the ability to make decisions on how Kapiti will develop in future, but keep our values.

It is surprising our regional councillor has not heard, or read opinions in KIN rearding people not wanting to be amalgamated.
As the former deputy mayor of a small town that was forcably amalgamated into a larger city in the 1989 Re-oganistion Scheme I am fully aware of happens when big brother takes over.
Kapiti is wise to be wary.

Petty little politicos trying to protect their territory. To paraphrase the Mayor over the super-city motorway, now they want to exclude us from entering the super-city “tent”. Was it only last year half the councillors were calling for the abolition of the community boards. How the worm turns, ha ha ha. Laugh or cry, nobody actually listens. Just onward with their own private little agendas, where everyone ends up paying more for less (water meters or asset sales – you choose) and some of us are evicted from our homes for their super-city motorway.

I don’t think we should get too excited about this. I have impressed upon my fellow councillors that Mr Wilson is elected from a different platform from district councillors and is entitled to have his own views. His views have been known for some time. The difference this time, I am informed, is that he had formally expressed support for a supercity type amalgamation around the GWRC table. There has always been some protocol that Kapiti’s GWRC representative has a healthy relationship with the district council to test ideas first. Like the other councillors I am disappointed that Nigel did not talk to us but then, this is not surprising. There are bigger wheels at work. This is a central government initiated push designed to put the region’s local authorities into a political pressure cooker to create a breakdown of the status quo. As political players jostle for limited positions you will get conflicts opening up. Mr Buchanan also has a point on parallels… talk of chickens coming to roost and turkey’s not wanting to vote for an early Christmas.

Ridiculous – the council goes full steam ahead with water meters despite all evidence that public opinion is against them, on the basis that we don’t know what is good for us, then rips into another politician for supposedly making comments based on his own opinion rather than that of the electorate.