Why The Aussies Really Love Us. Honestly!

Most Australians think their own country is the best place in the world. But if push came to shove though, they’d move to New Zealand, according to an ABC News story.

Photo: Reuters; Bogdon Cristel

It says the Land of the Long White Cloud is regularly invoked as an option for the politically despairing; in the days after Scott Morrison’s unscheduled victory in May, Australian traffic to the Immigration New Zealand website spiked at 10 times its usual levels.

The ABC ( Australian Broadcasting Commission) says: “Even in times of relative political calm, New Zealand is — according to the Australia Talks National Survey — by far our preferred plan B.

“When asked which country they’d most like to emigrate to, 28 per cent of respondents opted for Kiwification, with Canada a clear second on 15 per cent. England was selected by 8 per cent, while only 6 per cent professed themselves happy to break free of the Commonwealth entirely … for a move to the United States.

English-speaking countries top the list

The leading field of New Zealand, Canada, England and America tends to suggest that Australians who grew up in an English-speaking, majority Anglo-Saxon country would feel most comfortable opting for more of the same.

Among non-white Australians, however, Canada edged out New Zealand 20 per cent to 19 per cent. Possibly this development has to do with the politics of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau — or at least Mr Trudeau before his recent blackface scandal.

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