Whitianga and Cave Creek

There could have been a tragedy

By Carol Sawyer

Cave Creek was a DoC tragedy; there could have been another one in Whitianga

Eugenie Sage, Lou Sanson – please remember Cave Creek and do the honest thing by the people of Whitianga whose crime was to not want their water, land and wildlife poisoned.

Remember Cave Creek ? Turns out Denis Marshall, Minister of Conservation at the time, actually offered to resign immediately after the accident ( but Jim Bolger told him not to ). See this link :


Well what happened in Whitianga on the night of 17 October, 2017, isn’t Cave Creek, or anything close to it, obviously.

However there might have been an enormous tragedy in Whitianga if that undeclared, improperly stored 23.7 tonnes of 1080 baits had caught fire.

Still, there has been a huge injustice and nobody from DoC is offering to resign!

It was the accused who was assaulted

Graeme Sturgeon: assaulted but charged!

What we do have is a man, Graeme Sturgeon, wrongly accused of assault. He was wrongly accused by an unlicensed security guard from an unregistered company, who was employed by the Department of Conservation to be in charge of security guarding a clandestine 1080 poison loading operation.

This was in a public car park, in the dark, with no “Keep Out” signs. In fact it was the other way round – it was Graeme Sturgeon himself who was assaulted and injured in an unprovoked attack by that same security guard.

We are told there were 14 or 15 employees there that night – Heliresources staff, DoC staff, and DoC Security including DoC 1080 Projects Manager for Coromandel, Nick Kelly, and DoC 1080 Senior Ranger Steve Bolton. 

Bolton apparently saw the whole thing, was looking down at Graeme Sturgeon as he picked himself off the ground, and when Graeme said “You bastard Steve Bolton!  ( knowing who Steve Bolton was from old Forest Service days ) Bolton went back inside the DoC office.

We hadn’t seen hide nor hair of DoC since, in this case, until Nick Kelly appeared for cross-examination! 

We know nothing

In Coromandel, not only do we have no offer of resignation from any DoC staff, even from the relative minions like Steve Bolton.

No, they are just slithering back under their rotten planks as fast as they can go, and leaving one of their lowliest employees to face the music – not that he is to be excused for his actions, of course!

The security guard was employed by them without even the legal authority or capability to do his job, and had probably had his head filled by DoC with stories of people brandishing weapons, people ready to shoot choppers out of the skies, fierce pig hunters at the end of their tether having lost all their dogs to 1080. In fact he was just dealing with three superannuitant whistleblowers as suggested by SEC whistleblower attorneys.

(To be continued)

Heads MUST roll!!!!!

I suggest that this Lane turkey & all the complicit DOC staff who were supposedly
in control of this “stealth” operation should: (a) seek immediate legal advice in lieu
of pending private prosecutions & ( b) Gathering finances to pay for Govt
court cases coming DOC’s & security outfit ways for unlicensed operations & illegal storage of dangerous/hazardous goods without a proper license, signage & illegal location. (d) DOC staff involved in any management role should be looking for a deep hole under a damp rock to crawl under before the formal complaints to the CEO & higher are lodged ( if they haven’t been already ).

Who do these turkey’s think they are???? & the Police don’t get off the hook either!!!! I don’t think they have heard the last of their obviously biased attitude.
Absolutely NO investigation of the assault. Security camera footage & private videoing would have clearly shown who did what to who???

I’d say that arse covering was in full swing about this time!!!!!

Disgusting behaviour by all official & unofficial DOC & police personnel involved!!!!

HEADS MUST ROLL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Zealanders do not want their land poisoned .Yet our Government own the biggest and most deadly poison Factory in the world .New Zealanders have tried to stop the in humane way that their Government opperate but they do not listen .I thought New Zealanders were staunch ,but they let this behavior continue

I certainly agree Lewis and by taking individuals to court whether the are guilty or not using taxpayer funding is nothing but a blatant attempt to stymie any one passively objecting to their storage and applying 1080! Govt changed the law so we cannot object at hearings and now are really putting the knife in!

Something is badly wrong in NZ when Doc ,Ospri and others can get away with crimes against nature, cruelty, poison use and associated wrongs against citizens rightfully opposed to there actions. Whereas if the same actions were carried out by any other ordinary citizen they would have them in court and heavily fined. An example being the Elderly Maori gentleman caught with a couple of Kereru gifted to him and heavily fined and yet the same people that took him to court use poisons like 1080 that kill thousands of native birds per annum year after year and the worst part is the poisoners know it but belligerently continue to do so under the ridiculous, false guise of saving.

Tony Orman
The culture within the public service is awry and arguably corrupted. DOC have forgotten they are public servants, yet here they are being abusive to members of the tax-paying people and superannuiants at that. Let’s not forget cabinet ministers are public servants too.
Where do the police stand in this – again public servants? Do they not uphold law and justice? Their rulings and advice has been irrational.

The DoC by their actions and lies must be amongst the biggest criminals in NZ yet are not held accountable, WHY?