What About the Jobless?

End-of-week letter from David Shearer

Leader of the Labour Party David Shearer writes —

‘We’ve all heard the stories of hundreds of people queuing for just a handful of jobs. That is the real face of a disappointing fact. The economy isn’t growing where it matters – jobs.

National promised to create 170,000 new jobs. The fact is since then they’ve lost 30,000.

Just yesterday, Clare Curran revealed that up to 1,500 jobs could be lost at Telecom in the coming months. That would make it the single largest loss of jobs in recent memory.

National’s mismanagement of Solid Energy will see many more lose their jobs with the company so far in debt. Instead of giving the workers and taxpayers answers for why this profitable company collapsed under their watch, National blocked Labour’s effort to get an inquiry into Solid Energy’s collapse. That’s why Clayton Cosgrove is lodging a complaint with the Auditor General.

If you’re as worried as me about the hundreds of job losses and the impact that on our communities, here’s something simple you can do to help – write to your local newspaper.

It’s an easy and powerful way to send a message that you’re concerned about job losses.

Labour has always been the voice for Kiwis trying to find work, or working for a better job. Let’s make sure we keep speaking up for the victims of National’s economic mismanagement .

Thanks for your hard work.

David Shearer just doesn’t get it, does he?

Jobs are the result of optimism of a person who has a surplus of work, that by hiring another person he can profit above the costs of hiring same… or why bother?
Once we address the ever-increasing costs of employing labour, employers may hire more. Not to mention regulations which leave employers liable to stiff penalties.

But every year another round of costs are placed on employers. Recent ‘ Mondayisation’ and now earthquake strengthening of buildings will translate in extra costs to employers.

It just gets to be too much for a small business owner to bother employing anyone.
Shearer wants more jobs then concentrate on encouraging optimism in potential employers.