Whareroa Open Day: Fun In The Wind!

Helps to have a couple of concrete blocks tied to your feet to prevent unscheduled flights to the Chathams in the north westerly and I am led to understand if you want to go to Australia, just hang out there in a south-easterly.


 The Whareroa Guardians turn on a great show despite the weather

 A photo essay by Ian Linning

Whareroa 1

Well it was a bit of a rough day at the farm – got there at 2 pm and trudged up to the “Hub” which was just an open clearing and one of the windiest spots on earth!

Luckily some kind soul had erected a straw bale wind break which most people were huddled behind listening to a Whareroa volunteer who was explaining the differences between rats, stoats and weasels, complete with dead specimens – Kids were engrossed by this.

Whareroa 2

Many of the events were not held due to the weather, but there were plenty of hardy runners and mountain bikers present taking advantage of the new trails, (fantastic) with some amazing pieces of technology.
Whareroa 7Whareroa 5

The main attraction for the kids was the inspection of the Weta Motels along the paths, and also helping make new motel boxes with Ann Evans (pictured below in the blue windbreaker!) in the forest.

Whareroa 10Whareroa 3

There were some mowed tracks with Ramps for BMX type activities and there is a shot of one child leaping off a ramp.

Whareroa 4

The majority of adults still there were “bush loving” hardy types who were relishing in the environment and there is some lovely bush there, also plenty of great views from the hill top trails.

Whareroa 12Whareroa 11

Even with the weather as it was, we found it very enjoyable to get out and get fresh air and our grandson really enjoyed it, expressing a great deal of tiredness on the way home!

Whareroa 9

Nice to get the feedback Ann. We’ll do a bigger story on the Farm and the Guardians before the end of the month as part of our Conservation series and will cover, amongst other things, the battle against the pests. Cheers Roger

Thanks KIN and Ian – nice record of the day. Shane Williamson who did the pest demo is a volunteer, not a DOC man. He and his co-pesters Shane Cave, Scott Hill and Jason Bohmer have dealt to over 1000 4 legged furry beasties in 15 months – a huge contribution to the health of the reserve. Thanks guys.