Whareroa Gets Grant

Whareroa Guardians$34,000 for restored wetland and new track at Whareroa Farm

By Alan Tristram

The Government is to provide a $34,000 Community Conservation grant over two years to help the Whareroa Guardians restore the Ramaroa Wetland at Whareroa Farm, north of Paekakariki.

The grant will also help  to build a new track to the Ti Kouka Rocks.

Conservation Minister Dr Nick Smith has announced the Partnership Fund grant at a community event in Paekakariki.

He says: “The Whareroa Farm was officially opened in 2011 and this is about improving the conservation and recreational opportunities.

“The Whareroa Guardians are a wonderful volunteer force of over 200 people and an ideal partner for the Department of Conservation to restore the local wetland and create a new public track for people to enjoy.”

Dr Smith says: “The wetland project is particularly important. Whareroa Fram walk   25th Nov 2012 026New Zealand has lost over 90 per cent of its wetlands yet they are some of the most significant ecosystems for the protection of plants and animals.

“The funding will enable 6000 plants to be planted over the four to five hectares of the protected area.

“The Ti Kouka Rocks Track is a 1.6-kilometre track and the funding is to provide stiles, markers and signs on the Whareroa Farm Reserve to enable people to safely and easily access the landmark.”

The Community Conservation Partnership Fund was announced in March this year and provides $26 million over the next four years to community organisations undertaking natural heritage and recreation projects.

The Fund will support hundreds of projects on public and private land and is particularly focused on supporting efforts to protect biodiversity, natural habitats and native species.

Dr Smith concludes: “This successful bid by the Whareroa Guardians reflects these projects being great value for money for the taxpayer and the proven track record of success achieved on this farm park.

“It is a great example of how the community can work with the Department to enhance their local community.”