A Beautiful day in the Dell

17th May 2012
Major  gorse clearing has been completed on a beautiful day in the Dell on Whareroa Farm, near Paekakariki.
The work removed flowering gorse, and thus seed sources, from above the already-cleared southern slope and provided space for native planting around the perimeter of the Dell to connect it to Kamahi Bush.
The floor of Kamahi Bush is covered with small seedlings including nikau. Theo & Alex also cleared old tyres from the Marines’ Recreation Hall site, adjacent to the farm race, tidying up before the upcoming celebrations.Many thanks to: Dawn Bush, Ruby & Kieran Durrant-Bush, Peter Kentish, Tony & Helen Griffiths, Don & Mary Beggs, Ian & Penny Redward, Fred & June Rowland, Liffet Stewart, Jan Nisbet, Jean McCallan, Bill Jansen, Theo & Alex Barsanti and Ann Evans.Pests. Goats and possum numbers are being reduced.Dell path. This has been finished and grass sown, it will be ready for use next summer. Many thanks to Bernard Cammack. Work to flatten a small area for a couple of picnic tables at the bottom of the amphitheatre has been approved by DOC and will start soon. This can then also double up as a small stage for use at picnics.Farm Plan – the draft is due out this month. This will be distributed and a public meeting for consultation called. We hope lots of supporters will be able to attend this important meeting as it will determine the future direction of Whareroa, details to come.

The emphasis of this year’s plantings will be on consolidation – filling in gaps and extending the range of plants in earlier planting sites, ie “secondary planting”, including trees which need shelter such as kohekohe, tawa and miro

There will not be planting on 26th May.

The next Guardians’ event and first 2012 Whareroa Planting will be Sunday 17th June, in the Dell. Members of the Kapiti Pateke Lions will join us. BBQ hotdogs afterwards as well as morning tea!.

Whareroa Guardians Community Trust Officers for 2012/13. At the last meeting of the trust the following were elected: Chairperson – Rachel Kiel-Taylor, Treasurer – Michael Keith, Secretary – Ann Evans and to a new position, Deputy Chair – Liffet Stewart.

Marines’ 70th celebrations. A reminder that all are welcome to join in these. See the www.marinenz.com website for more information. The main event is a ceremony at QE Park on Monday morning May 28th. If any supporters are free to assist with this eg ushering and helping visitors, please can they phone John Porter at 905 8210. Another event will be a re-enactment of the Marine’s training route on June 10th (information was distributed with the last update). Look out for a new Marines’ information display in the entrance bay, coming soon (compiled by John Porter and Anthony Dreaver).