Whale at Waikanae

whaleHuge whale washed ashore at south end of Waikanae Beach

By Alan Tristram

A 10-metre whale has washed up overnight at Waikanae  on the Kapiti Coast.

The black and white whale was found at the south end of Waikanae Beach near Stonewall Grove at 6am, Police Central Communications Inspector Dave Rose says.

It appears to be dead and it is not clear yet what sort of whale it is.

The Department of Conservation are  dealing with the whale and its disposal.

Local Iwi are usually called in following incidents of this kind.

Wikipedia points out the sea near Kapiti Island was once a nursery for whales, and during whaling times 2,000 people were based on the island.kapiti9 island

Oil was melted from the blubber and shipped to America for use in machinery, before petroleum was used.

Although whales can be seen once every year during the birthing season, there are not as many as there used to be.

Whaling has been banned inside  New Zealand’s 200-nautical-mile (370 km) Exclusive Economic Zone since 1978.  The Marine Mammals Protection Act provides sanctuary for the huge animals in our waters.


Some interesting korero from the Iwi, 1904, 110 years to the day 29 Oct, Wi Parata Te Kakakura came across a washed up, dead, 54ft Southern Right whale on Waikanae Beach.

Looks very much like the underbelly of a humpback, surprised DOC hadnt made an ID as its not really rocket science lol.
first few guesses would be seismic testing for oil around NZ coast lines, fukushima radiation now impacting here not just hawaii and the US coastlines, the recent space weather where solar flares and solar sector boundary crossings are prevalent at this time and research has shown these to perhaps correlate with mass animal die offs and sea life disruptions.
question, when we encounter many of these die offs, either individual or mass, why do we NEVER get the debrief on the autopsy reports ?
Fukushima is the most likely causative factor for much migratory animal illnesses and deaths now and in the future as Fukushima has been venting various types of radiation into the earths sea and air now for over three years, we were warned, we prefer to spend time and millions upon millions on new flags and new dollar bills etc.
Shame is, ALL the worlds migratory species that head south come or pass through NZ.