We Can Do Better Than This — Kāpiti’s Abuse Of MP’s

Alan Tristram writes that this is happening regularly.

This particular attack was yesterday and the cleaners were busy removing the graffittit when I passed by about 11am.

But this vandalism is happening quite often — and it’s not right.

I grew up in an era when graffiti slandering the late Robert Muldoon was everywhere and still to seen on railway bridges etc. long after he was retired from politics. I expect it was there for the same reasons that we are seeing anti government slogans now; that is a sense of powerlessness and a feeling that complaints are not being heard. Like it or not, the current circumstances have exacerbated a reaction to government actions, some of which may be seen as high handed. For example the Three Waters where other (local) elected representatives are claiming not to be heard. The firearms legislation (admittedly long overdue) is another where many license holders made careful and reasoned submissions to the Minister and most of them are aggrieved and feel they were not heard. They are angry that (in their view) violent offenders are being treated lightly and that the Government blames them. Having an electoral mandate allows the implementation of wide ranging legal and procedural change but greater efforts must be made to take the people with them. Many people still have unhappy memories of the fourth Labour Government and how it changed New Zealanders lives forever.

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