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Water meter campaigner ‘inaccurate’ says Mayor Jenny

Kāpiti Mayor Jenny Rowan says water meter campaigner Jackie Elliott got her facts wrong in her statement in the Kāpiti Independent yesterday.

Jackie Elliott, organiser of the petition for a water meter referendum, said she wants to know why a committee set up by the KCDC to work out a fair charging regime for meters has failed to deliver a report due last month.

But the mayor says: “There are several inaccuracies in Ms Elliott’s statement.”

Ms Rowan says: “The Charging Regime Advisory Committee (CRAG) has been working towards a late March completion date for some time, and Council is expecting to consider that report when it meets on April 5.

“Given this time frame, the CRAG recommendations will be available for public consideration during the formal consultation on the Long Term Plan (LTP) .

“It was always our intention that consultation on the charging regime would happen in parallel with the LTP.

“The LTP consultation will run from April 16 to May 17, and hearings from May 28.  Once we hear and consider submissions, then Council will make a final decision on June 28.”

Mayor Rowan said information in the CRAG report would be widely circulated so all residents would have ready access to it. “We are very keen for as many people as possible to have access to what will be crucial information on the cost impact of metering.

“If residents then wish to make submissions, then they will be able to base their submissions on relevant information.”




Maybe our Mayor would like to take time to point out which of Jackie Elliots facts were wrong. Questions circumvented, unanswered, avoided or obfuscated. More of the same it seems. Perhaps a supercity will have some benefits after all.

Robin McKenzie

I agree, The full C.R.A.G. report should be available now to the Councillors for the Planning workshops going on right now. But I guess they don’t need any information if the Mayor’s mind is already made up.

Under this Mayor, the final decision on June 28 will be Water Meters! Any “public consideration” will simply be lip service.

The sooner we get rid of this dysfunctional council and it’s present Mayor, the better.

Go Super Council plan!