Water Meter Claim

KCDC says huge water leaks found on private properties

By Alan Tristram
Tanker carrying 16,000 litres of water

The Kāpiti Coast District Council (KCDC) says water leaks of up to 31,000 litres a day  are being found on private property as a result of the roll-out of water meters across the district.

Mayor Jenny Rowan says: “I’m informed by Council officers that when a meter was installed at one double property recently, the owners were very surprised to find they had a leak of up to 31,000 litres a day. That is equal to two large tankers of water a day going to waste (see photograph).

Leaks of 26,000 litres a day

“New water meters installed at other private addresses have shown up water leaks of 26,000 litres a day (26 tons), 19,500 litres a day (19.5 tons) and numerous leaks in the 4,000 to 9,000 litre range.

“This is only the start. As more and more meters are installed and property owners check the readings against household use, more leaks will be discovered.”

“Retiree Gerry Cole was absolutely correct when he told a local newspaper last week that the amounts could be staggering. They are.”

Councillor Mike Cardiff says he recently challenged several of his friends and associates to have meters installed and were surprised by the outcome. “I discovered I had a leak of up to 600 litres a day on my property but a friend who will remain nameless found his system leaking up to 20,000 litres over a two day span. Suffice to say he now has a different appreciation of water meters! ” he says.

When Council staff phoned the owner of JB’s Environmental Ltd seeking a water tanker to illustrate how much 31,000 litres would look like, the owner John Matangi laughed, saying they had just discovered a water leak at their fish shop outlet in Te Roto Drive.

“The meter was only recently installed and we wondered where all the water was going and discovered we had a leak of around 13,000 to 14,000 litres a day, equal to one of our large water tankers (which carry 16,000 litres).

“It came as a surprise and we were on to it pretty quick last week as the water comes at a cost.”

Water meter information available from KCDC

Council Group Manager Infrastructure Sean Mallon says information on how to read the new meters and the obligations for Council and individual property owners are clearly laid out in a new brochure titled ‘Important information about your water meters.’

The brochure was being delivered to properties where meters had been installed. The brochure was also available on the Council website on www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/water-meters .

“The meters are very easy to read.,” he says. “Once a meter is installed, I would urge the resident to turn off all the appliances on their property and then check the meter to see whether the counter needle on the meter is still turning. If it is, then you probably have a leak.”

Picture Caption:

 The tanker belonging to JB’s Environmental Ltd contains 16,000 litres of water. Water being lost on one Kāpiti property recently equalled two of these tankers a day.