Water measures ahead?

KCDC pressure builds up for water meters

By Alan Tristram

March 13,2011

Another leading voice in the Kapiti Coast District Council has joined Mayor Jenny Rowan in extolling the virtues of water meters — though in a more guarded fashion.

Councillor Ross Church says the KCDC programme of leak detection in the district has been effective in finding many leaks — and water meters would quickly identify a whole lot more.

“This Council is concerned about the high level of water loss and we want to find effective ways to minimise that,” he says.

” Water meters are one possible solution and we want to ensure all possible solutions are properly explored and debated before we make final decisions.”

He says:”The level of loss of water on both public and private land (estimated at 5,200 cubic metres per day in the Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati area) must be stopped.

“The 30,000 litre-a-day leak Council found recently on a private property was only identified after considerable time, work, and analysis of night time flows and other information in order to pinpoint the property involved.

“If a water meter had been installed on the property, ” he says.”the leak would have been detected within days of it starting.”

Councillor Church adds:“The installation of water meters would provide us with detailed information about what amounts of water are being consumed, and where. If there are gaps between supply and use, then we will have a much better idea about water leaks and water loss,”

Water loss is where sizeable amounts of water are unaccounted for. This could be through unofficial connections or through extraordinary users who are not yet on our radar.

“Home owners have a responsibility to maintain their own pipe work. Meters will help identify whether there is a leak on a property so remedial action can be taken to save water and avoid substantial bills.

“Many councils have a policy that if a high water bill is caused by a leak in the system the owner didn’t know about, then a credit will be issued if the leak is promptly repaired.

“It is likely that your council will adopt a similar policy for residences.  We already have a similar policy in place for commercial water by meter users,” Councillor Church says.

If leaks are the problem, what is being done about that at present? And why is the council not only installing meters, but also going with a user-pays system?

Even if the system results in a significant reduction in water use, which seems doubtful, and the Waikanae river re-charge scheme can be delayed, the costs of calibration, meter reading and billing will make the new system more expensive to run and ratepayers are going to have to cough up for that somewhere along the line.

With the Mayor claiming people in one- or two-person households will pay less than they do now, we need to ask where the money is coming from.

If the KCDC hasn’t fully explored all possible water solutions by now then what are we paying them their rates for, Mr Church? How about exploring water storage of a rain water? Has the council been sitting on their hands all these years? No, they are pushing water meters all they can for the benefits the staff will get with a water metering company. Lets get some real figures, done out to say 15-20years of costs and get in a report from an engineering firm which specialises in dam work. Then we might get a fair choice. And can vote on the referendum which Jenny Rowan promised before her first election.

Alas Ross is very much in the business as usual, there are no problems on the horizon camp, just like our camp leader, they can not comprehend the end of growth, that peak oil heralds.
They are also incapable of understanding global warming, these things just do not happen. We will be driving cars (hopefully sold by Ross) for time in memorial, in fact they envisage a state highway system very much like the Romans built (no corners) except at least 4 lanes wide. Which is the result of continued growth of EVERYTHING, clearly someone has got it all wrong?
It would be nice if Ross would take up my offer to get up to speed on the REAL issues the community he was voted in to represent are facing.
Ignoring the facts will not make them disappear Ross. You need to grow up, leave the 60’s where they died and start investing in future transport IE horses 😉


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