Warm Homes Rise

Greens’ insulated houses scheme hits 150,000 milestone

Metiria Turei, Green Party Co-leader, says the Party’s Warm Up New Zealand home insulation and heating programme has just reached the 150,000 home milestone.

She says as a result hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders – over half of them on low incomes – are living in warmer and healthier homes as winter sets in.

The programme is a joint initiative between the Green Party and the National Party.

Ms Turei says: “Its success shows how we are able to achieve good green change outside of Government.

“And while 150,000 homes is a great start, we want to extend the scheme until every house has been retrofitted, and all New Zealanders have warm, dry, healthy homes.

“We think this is more important than $2 billion of tax cuts to well-off New Zealanders.”


As a dumb-arsed 4th form drop out you have more brains, foresight and integrity than all our politicians put together.
Remember Bruce Beetham and Social Credit, he wanted to radically change the ‘creation’ of money for the benefit of the people not the Banksters.
Well done for a great post

Brilliant Robert. Eduction wise unlike many you began with a clean slate. You have never thought inside a box!

“We think this is more important than $2 billion of tax cuts to well-off New Zealanders.”
Funny how Green party MPs have selective morals?
They make comments like the above while knowing the whole financial system is a rort, from the creation of money out of midair, to how Kiwi Saver is a total ripoff.
What are they saying about the money their (coalition in lies) partner National are borrowing every week? It is created every Monday morning, by someone pushing a button (probably one of John Key’s old mates) then it is sent to NZ and we start paying interest. The New Zealand Reserve Bank could create this money just as easily and from the same place, without interest, but then the foreign bankers and money men would miss out on their pound of flesh, hence the silence from the Greens, you do not rock the boat, you do not tell the truth. That is about the only mandatory rule all politicians follow.
And while that ripoff is going on, 1.3 million Kiwis have been sucked in by people like the above, to invest their real money, in the very corrupt system that is international finance.
The system uses the deposits of Kiwi Savers, to create the fictitious money we are paying interest on – $30(?) million in $300+ million out + we gotta find the interest.
I’m just a dumb arse 4th form drop out, so what would I know?
It would be nice for a Green party, Kiwi Saver promoting MP, to front up and explain the situation more clearly.
Actually any MP 😉