Frequently Smashed Beerbottles

By Peter Corlett
August 19th

On-going incidents of vandalism

Waikanae School caretaker, Peter Larkin, says that when he arrives at school each morning he never knows what he will find.

There have been on-going incidents of vandalism on a regular basis over the years.

This has included graffiti, broken windows in the hall, break-ins to the PE and caretaker`s sheds, youths running on the roofs ,rubbish bins in the playground, buildings set on fire, and in one instance, faeces smeared on the windows and door handles of the office block.

Frequently there are smashed beer bottles, posing a danger to students when they arrive in the morning, especially if they have been broken on grassed areas.   Repair of damage is  costly to the school and means less money is available for resources for the children.

Yesterday’s vandalism included broken glass bottles, new scooter racks wrenched from the concrete, destroying three of them, and a heavy concrete block from a construction area being used to try and break in to the Phys Ed shed.

“It is very disappointing to see a community place like our school being damaged.  It is particularly upsetting for our children who cannot understand why people would do this and who would treat their school in this way.” observed Peter Corlett, a teacher at the school.

If anyone has any information they can contact the school on 902-6544, the local community police on 296 1950, or anonymously phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.