The Split of a Beloved Tree

 30th March 2012                                                
By Jessica Glover
Junior Reporter
Waikanae School
Year 6 Room 11

In 1950 a liquid amber tree was planted in Waikanae School. When it was growing it grew two trunks so it grew out. In 2012 3/03/12 to 4/03/12 a big storm approached and there was a lot of wind. When the weekend was over the children of Waikanae School went to school and noticed that there were big fences around that tree. The students then found out why.

The reason the tree had fences around it is because Mr. Cambell had organised Karaka Tree Services to cut the tree down because during the storm the tree had started to split down the middle Mrs Banks the deputy principle said “that it was starting to split before the storm hit”

On the 9th of March 2012 the Karaka Tree Services were cutting it down section by section.  A man called Craig Eddie, nicknamed monkey man, was up the top of the tree cutting the top branches with a chainsaw.  The branches were then thrown in to a electric log splitter to split branches.

It cost Waikanae school two thousand dollars to get it cut down.  Same children called that particular tree the wisdom tree. The reason for that is because at breaks some children would go and play and share what work they would be doing under that tree.

By the end of the day that tree, which was an estimated 20 metres high, was about 1 metre high, and 6 centimetres wide, and the tree has the Karaka Tree Services workers initials on the stump.

Mr Larkin the school caretaker said “it was sad to see it go but it had to; and up at the top of the tree,the Karaka Tree Services said, there were two branches loose so they were about to fall down”

Mrs Banks, deputy principal, said it had been there awhile so it was sad to see it go.

Mrs Green, a teacher at Waikanae school, said: “I was very sad —  the tree had a lot of character and I used to do writing with it with my class”