Waikanae Library Update

Waikanae Library staff will be moved to other libraries while their building is closed because of toxic mould.

Natasha Tod, KCDC Regulator Group Manager, says: ” At any given time we have around four to six staff working at the Waikanae Library and Service Centre to allow our visitors to continue reading.”

Staff will move to other libraries and service centres

She says: “During the closure ( reportedly of up to two weeks) we’ll be working with our Waikanae staff to reallocate tasks and they’ll work from our other libraries or service centres.”

Ms Tod says the problem was found when air samples and carpet swabs were tested by Carpet Cleaning Riverside from inside the Library, and mould was present on both levels of the building.

“The results show that two types of mould that are of concern,” she says.

“One  is non-toxic but has the potential to cause hay fever-like symptoms, and the other is toxic (Stachybotrys). The toxic mould was present in three of the four sites sampled within the building.

“The presence of this type of mould is common in water-damaged areas.”

There are also leaks and water damage in the Library, which will be fixed as part of Council’s planned upgrade of the building.

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