Voting Packs Arriving

It’s time to vote on the Kāpiti Coast

Voting packs for the Kāpiti Coast District Council elections should have started arriving in letterboxes from 17 Friday.

Kāpiti Coasters are being urged to vote now rather than leaving it until later.

The voting packs are being delivered between 17 and 22 September and include the actual voting document, background information (profiles) about candidates for mayor, wards and community boards, as well as district health boards and the Kāpiti representative on the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

The voting packs also contain an orange, postage-paid envelope to send votes back in.

“Once Kāpiti Coast residents have cast their votes, they should put their voting documents in the orange return envelope and post it by Wednesday, 6 October 2010 to ensure it arrives in time to be counted,” says Kāpiti Coast Electoral Officer, Jude Wadsworth. “By voting, they will make a real contribution to the future of the Kāpiti Coast District.”

Voting documents can also be hand delivered to the box at the Council’s main office in Rimu Road on weekdays or any one of the Kapiti Coast libraries before midday on October 9.

In total, 63 nominations were received for 27 vacancies – 6 mayoral candidates, 35 council candidates and 22 community board candidates.

The Kāpiti Coast District’s Council and Community Board make-up is a Mayor, five districtwide members and five members elected from the four wards.  There are four members elected for each of the four community boards.

Information supplied by all candidates is available on the Kāpiti Coast District Council website,

If voting packs have not been received by Wednesday, September 22, Ms Wadsworth says voters should contact her office on 04 296 4700..

Progress and preliminary results will be announced as soon as possible after noon on Saturday 9 October.

The official results will be announced when special votes have been checked, in the week of 11-15 October.