Voters May Deliver Knock-Out Punch Over Library Cuts

Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board members Bernie Randall and Guy Burns say they’re upset because cuts for spending on new library books were hidden under cover of the Annual Plan.

Bernie Randall

Guy Burns

This year, and for the first time, Council decided not to hold full public consultations on the Annual Plan.

Mr Randall and Mr Burns say: ‘It seems this was a planned strategy, by the Mayor and Councillors, to limit public knowledge and discussion over plans to sacrifice Raumati/Paraparaumu residents’ new library books so as to help pay costs associated with the toxic Waikanae library.

Public annul plan discussions are important to stop secret decisions that usually do not benefit the community. What else has been hidden away? Have we received openness and transparency from the Mayor and Deputy Mayor?

Clearly not. The Mayor says Councillors must take it on the chin. Locals may reject that advice.

When the bell goes for the final round in October it will be the community who will deliver any knockout punch.

Chris Walker has it wrong: Councillors are selected from the pool of people who put their names forward for election. If there is an inept pool of candidates, we will have an inept Council, and how anyone votes (or withholds their vote) cannot change that.
So, if you think you can do better, stand for election now! (This “you” means everyone reading this, not specifically Chris Walker.) Nominations close Friday at noon.

Hi Paul. I don’t claim to know the in’s and out’s of our non functioning electoral system. What I do know is that it does not work as it should and that is down to the human factor. As to ‘joining the team’ ,my answer to that would be no. The problem is that if you do not join the team what possible good can you do apart from for your bank balance. I have never claimed anywhere that I could do a better job than our inept councillors are doing. If you choose to back these anti-social personalities that is up to you. Thankfully there is no law against stupidity otherwise half the country would be in a cell. To your point about withholding votes, I believe that this is a vote in itself. If a politicians vote count goes down drastically then it makes it all the harder for them to claim legitimacy. A point you failed to raise is that real power resides in the sometimes very well paid team leaders. We have absolutely no control on the real culprits which is why the council is run like it is. And there is stays. One thing I will say is that these people must all be getting an itch in their backs where the voting knife is going to pierce very soon, Sorry for the emotive lingo but being a human I have emotions… P.S. Allan, 200 words just ain’t enough to get a point across.CW.

As it seems all the Councillors voted for this proposal there is only one thing the ratepayer has left to do. Withhold your votes from any politician stupid enough to think this thing would gain any acceptance from the public. ‘Our’ council has a long history of blunders and anti social type behaviors to it’s discredit. They just absolutely do not care about the public which this new proposal they never had the courage to publicly notify shows once more. Holding and wielding power is their drug. Deny the addicts their poison. What other course is open to us? That they did this just before an election shows how lowly the think of you and your voting power…


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