Vigil Against Violence

Paraparaumu Councillor Guru lighting a candle for peace in Kāpiti

By Alan Tristram

Well-known  Kāpiti Coast Councillor K Gurunathan (Guru) is lighting a candle for peace tonight near the scene of two recent murders.  And he wants members of the public to join him at Kāpiti Lights.

A follower of Gandhi’s teachings, Guru, who has Indo-Malyasian heritage, brings a unique perspective to the turmoil affecting young people in the area.

Within the space of five weeks, two young Kāpiti men — Izak Millanta (17) and Sean Strongman-Lintern (20) — have died violence deaths late at night in the Coastlands/Kāpiti Lights area.Councillor Gurunathan says: “There is no single silver bullet solution to the alcohol-fueled violence that has plunged Paraparaumu’s Kapiti Lights area into darkness resulting in the tragic death of two young men within a period of a month.”

He says there are a number of causes and  Mayor Jenny Rowan has stressed the need for all parties to come up with long-term solutions.

Guru adds: “Council needs a groundswell of community support to do this. Today  at 7.30pm I will be at Kapiti Lights with a lighted candle to give my support to the Mayor’s efforts.

“It will be a Silent Virgil and a time of reflection

“I am urging everyone concerned about what’s been happening to bring their candles and join me.”




Whenwe all go on and on about the alcohol fuelled this that orr the other, perhaps a pertinant question would be why is the place the two individuals who are responsible for these attacks called P TOWN ?
Good morning 🙂