Unusual Freeze Hits Vancouver

Eribert and Barbara Loehner on skates in Vancouver

Pacific Coast temperature plunges; skaters and hockey players rejoice

From Eribert Loehner in Vancouver

Since the turn of the New Year, Vancouver has endured a rather nasty period of cold weather — highly unusual for us.
The last time Vancouver had a snow accumulation on the ground was over 1000 days ago. Vancouver is on the Pacific coast and rather than cold and snow, it usually suffers extended periods of rain during the winter. Our city rarely has to suffer through more than a few days each year when the temperature drops below freezing.

‘Pineapple Express’
The moist Vancouver climate is due to tropical storms that gestate near Hawaii. These moisture laden storms are carried to the west coast of North America by the jet stream. The tropical storms cause weeks of unending rain that Vancouverites colloquially call a “Pineapple Express”. While there are many Canadians who thrive on snow and cold weather, I am one of those hardcore Vancouverites who prefers weather that does not stick to my boots.
On New Year’s Day, my wife Barbara and I went for a walk along the oceanfront near our house. It was one of those days when the clouds and snow departed, but the air was so cold that the steam from chimneys climbed straight up. While uncomfortable, it was quite picturesque.
Grouse Mountain with Vancouver’s dark green Stanley Park in the foreground
Rare phenomenon
The temperatures dropped as low as -10 deg. C and lasted for about a week. This resulted in another very rare Vancouver phenomenon. The ponds and lakes in Vancouver parks froze over.
On January 6th the Vancouver Parks Board announced that Trout Lake in east Vancouver had frozen to the depth of 13 cm and was now safe to allow ice skaters onto the surface. The last time skaters were allowed on Trout Lake was over 20 years ago!
It was an opportunity not to be missed; one has not really ice skated until one does it outside.
My photo shows what skating in a Vancouver park looks like.
The scene reminded me somewhat of a Cornelius Krieghoff painting.
When you combine Canadians with a frozen lake it is just a matter of time before a game of ice hockey breaks out

Snow was cleared off “Rinks” for figure skating ballerinas and some impromptu ice hockey games.

Hockey is deeply ingrained in Canadian culture. It would have been unreasonable to expect that hockey would not make an appearance on such a rare occasion.
We stayed quite late; long enough to witness an ice hockey game by moonlight.
The very next day the parks board announced that the lake was again unsafe for skaters and all the fun came to an end.

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The Arctic sea ice collapse is happening before our eyes — and it’s a worrisome sign of what’s to come
RAFI LETZTER – Business Insider Australia
JAN 11, 2017, 5:36 AM

As 2016 wound down and winter kicked into gear in the Northern Hemisphere, an ominous trend began in the Arctic: sea ice dipped to levels far below normal.

Less of the northern ocean was covered in ice than scientists had ever seen in the satellite record.

The trend began in earnest back in November, when hot air in the far north began cooking the oceans, curbing the formation of ice. Growth sped up a bit in December, so the gap between what satellites saw and what’s normal shrank. But the ice cap was still missing enough ice to cover 23 US states, a record-breaking total.

This interview https://guymcpherson.com/2017/01/american-freedom-radio-interview/ will help explain the reason why it is so cold in the USA and Europe at the moment … basicly the Arctic has been split in two with the Jetstreams collapsing. All that cold air should be racing around the North pole … making ice, but alas global sea ice is at a record low, and it is looking more and more like an ice free Arctic this northern summer . Which will lead to a probal methane ‘burp’ which will burn off any chance of humans producing enough grains to feed ourselves over the next few growing seasons.
Life as we know it is coming to an end, the last human generation is about 15 years old now, I could be out by 5 years, they could be 20. For those who don’t know, a generation is 25 years.
Our politicians and senior ‘public servants’ know this and refuse to inform you.
Good luck