Trees Down,Track Closed

Unfortunately there is a group of very old pines and macrocarpas above Ramaroa Bush – they are visible in photos from the Marines’ time so are probably a hundred years old and are beginning to topple over. Whareroa Guardians Coordinator, Ann Evans

The latest addition to the Whareroa tracks

By Roger Childs

Horses an driders enjoy the sun and fabulous views from just below the Rocks
Horses and riders enjoy the sun and fabulous views from just below the Rocks

The Te Ara Ramaroa was opened in mid June providing access to the higher reaches of Campbell’s Mill Road which overlooks northern Paekakariki and Queen Elizabeth Park.

This track was on the 2012 Whareroa Farm master plan and was constructed with the help of the NZ Walking Access Commission, Department of Conservation and Beetham Pastoral.

However the hard graft was put in by 54 Whareroa Guardian volunteers working a total of 600 hours over 6 months. The result is a wonderful track which climbs over 300m and provides spectacular views of the Kapiti Coast and the Island.

The challenging track is well worth the effort

Looking down to the Ramaroa Valley with Mt Wainui on the left.
Looking down to the Ramaroa Valley with the northern slopes of Mt Wainui behind.

The early gentle gradient passes through recent plantings.

Then the track passes through native trees in the Ramaroa Bush, mainly kohekohe and tawa, before coming to some old macracapas and pine trees.

After that it opens out onto grazing land and a steep climb up the Ramaroa Valley.

This track is the most westerly and southerly of the Whareroa labyrinth and, whereas as most trails head off at the inland end of the Farm Road, the Ramaroa trail starts near the start of the road.

At the top it links with the Ti Kouka Track at the Rocks. Walkers going up Te Ara Ramaroa can get a 3-4 hour round trip by descending on the cabbage tree route.

Views at the Rocks are stunning.

Tall timber comes down

fallen-tree-2Two trees came down over the track in early December but were quickly chain sawed and cleared by DoC staff.

fallen-treeUnfortunately the gale force winds of last Monday and Tuesday took out two huge pine trees.

Whareroa Guardian Coordinator, Ann Evans sums up the positive and the negative:  it is good that they have fallen, but the track is now totally blocked and will be closed until DOC have had time to clear the logs and debris. It is a pity it is at peak holiday time.

Ann also advises that One can still walk in to the kahikatea picnic area, about 500m from the farm race and access the Ramaroa Wetland but please, no entry beyond the” double stiles”.


(Thanks to Ann Evans for the lion’s share of this information and the last two photos.)