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Para School website picThe Reporters’ Club is based on kids – reporters in the making. Tanica Martin

Regular readers will recall articles in March from budding reporters at the school about the Swimming Gala and the demolition of the administration block. The interest of some students in journalism has now led to the setting up of the Reporters Club under the direction of part time teacher, Clare Perkins.

Paraparaumu School is a small but lively place:

~ about 160 on the roll

~ 6 permanent teachers

~ decile 6

~ Steven Caldwell has started as the new principal this term.

It’s got a great website:

Here are the latest offerings from the student reporters. Three different accounts of the same session.

Reporters Club by Tanica Martin, Year 8

junior reporeters -- eightOn Wednesday the 7th of May the Reporters’ Club was born. The Reporters’ Club is based on kids – reporters in the making. The Reporters’ Club is fun and interesting because we learn what it is like as an everyday reporter and what an everyday reporter has to do. I hope that it is a success.

The first lesson was based on photography and Ian Linning tested our skills with his photos and knowledge.  The saddest photo was the Napalm Girl but it was moving.

The point is that the Reporters’ Club is an awesome place to be.

(In the photo – Back row:  Benjamin Maddock (Y6), Caleb Morley (Y8), Jake Wilkin (Y8), Dima Gladkih (Y8), William Lawton-Hamer (Y7), Maia Hoskins (Y8), Tyler Brown (Y8), Zara Tesoriero (Y8)
Front row:  Bruce Macaulay (Y5), Amy Wilkin (Y6), Jaida Brown (Y6), Tanica Martin (Y8))


Reporters’ Club Day by Dima Gladkih, Year 8

paraparaumu_schoolThe Reporters’ Club is a new club at Paraparaumu School that does reporter things like photography, report writing and radio interviews.

It was started on Wednesday 7 May when Ian Linning, a professional photographer, came and took our photo, then showed us photos and asked if they were real or fake.

Later on there will be trips to places like BeachFM and Kapiti Observer to see what it’s like being a reporter.

Reporters’ Club Founders by Tyler Brown and Maia Hoskins, Year 8

Ian LinningOn Wednesday, Te Puna got a little cramped as a group of reporters grew. We all walked in and sat in a group when “flash” we were all stunned as our photo was taken.  Ian Linning (pictured alongside), sat down to talk to us about photography.

It was very interesting. Before long he was showing us photos and testing our skills on whether we could tell if his photos were real or photo shopped. Eventually he showed us a very sad yet important photo, “the Napalm Girl” which if you look closely and know the story behind it, you will find it very sad and touching. (Photo taken by Nick Ut, Associated Press)

Eventually we looked at the different angles of photography. Because he explained that our job was more than just reporting we had to take photos as well because some newspaper companies cannot afford to have a reporter and a photographer at the same spot.

We were very happy to have Ian Linning come to talk to us about all the different jobs as a reporter.  We are all looking forward to going to the Kapiti Observer and BeachFM.  In our next session we will be able to use our ability to take photographs.




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