The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 77 Answers

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  • Answers below.


  1. If you have a BCC on your skin, what have you got? (basal cell carcinoma)


  1. Who played an elderly Sherlock Holmes in the film Mr Holmes? (Ian McKellaen)


  1. Which male marine creature becomes pregnant? (seahorse)


  1. This year’s Tour de France started in Germany. True or false? (True)


  1. What is a person’s armour propre? (self respect)


  1. What was the name of Elanor Catton’s first novel? (The Rehearsal)


  1. Why is the ship Dunedin famous in New Zealand history? (It took the first refrigerated cargo of meat to Britain)


  1. In the song Scottish Soldier, where were the green hills? (Tyrol)


  1. Which is the odd one out: hurricane, typhoon, tornado, tropical cyclone? (Tornado)


  1. Name the two bones in the lower leg. (tibia and fibula)