The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 50 Answers

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1   palio Who turned up on the eighth day of Christmas? (8 Maids a Milking)


2    In which Italian city does the palio horse race take place? (Siena)


3    Which rugby teams contest the Nelson Mandela Challenge Plate? (Springboks (South Africa) and Wallabies (Australia))


A loser in 2002
A loser in 2002

Bill English led the National Party when it lost the election in 1999, 2002 or 2005? (2002)


5    What was the theme song for the film An Officer and a Gentleman? (Up Where We Belong)


6    On which lake is the town of Kuratau located? (Taupo)


7   prosciutto Which location is the lowest point on the Earth’s land? (The Dead Sea)


8    What type of meat is prosciutto? (ham)


9    The diet of the possum is predominantly vegetation. True of false? (True)


Like their vegetation
Like their vegetation

10  What in the art world is a triptych? (A painting with three segments)