The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 49 Answers

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1    ten-lordsWho turned up on the tenth day of Christmas? (Ten Lords A’Leaping)


2    Which organisation based in the United Kingdom has the initials BFI? (British Film Institute)


3    Back in 2003 John Key changed his vote for the National Party leadership from Bill English to Don Brash. True or false? (True)


4    netherlandsWhich is the most densely populated country in Europe? (The Netherlands)


5    What do people mean when they refer to their amour propre? (self respect)


6    Which American president warned about the rise of industrial-military complex? (Dwight Eisenhower)


7    manuelIn plate tectonics what is a subduction zone? (Where one plate sinks under another)


8    Which Beatles song has the line You may say I’m a dreamer? (Imagine)


9    Andrew Sachs died recently. What was his most memorable television role? (As Manuel in Fawlty Towers)


10  Complete the Shakespearean line: Friends, Romans, countrymen …. ( … lend me your ears.)