KIN Mid-Week Quiz 48

Trump is 1st elected president post WWII with no political experience. T or F ? Beat our quizmaster!

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  • Answers on Sunday.

1    In which European country would you find Savoy?


2    Name the Argentine driver who won the Formula One Championship five times in the 1950s.


3    The Germans call it glühwein, what is our term?


4    At which entertainment festival do they award the Palme D’Or?


5    What is an aquifer?


6    Donald Trump is the first American president since World War Two, to be elected having had no previous political experience. True or false?


7    The lemur is native to which island?


8    Which food company has its headquarters in the Taranaki town of Manaia?


9    Wendy Perriam is a writer, film star or model?


10  Who wrote The Swimming Pool Library?