The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 47

  • quiz-1The latest challenge.
  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!
  • Answers on Sunday.



1    In which country are the largest number of Syrian refugees living?


2    Who is the main character in Hilary Mantel’s books Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies?


3    H L Mencken was a famous American satirist, poet or playwright?


4    What combination makes an occluded front?


5    Who is the world’s number one ranked men’s tennis player?


6    Who was the main character in the American sitcom Here’s Lucy?


7    What is bosun short for?


8    Which species of bird once flew across America in hundreds of millions?


9    What did the forerunner of the European Union, the EEC stand for?


10  Which New Zealand metropolitan newspaper is not owned by one of the big chains?