The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 47 Answers

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1   thomas-cromwell In which country are the largest number of Syrian refugees found? (Lebanon)


2    Who is the main character in Hilary Mantel’s books Wolf Hall and Bring Up The Bodies? (Thomas Cromwell)


3    H L Mencken was a famous American satirist, poet or playwright? (satirist)


4    andy-murray-barclaysWhat combination makes an occluded front? (cold and warm fronts)


5    Who is the world’s number one ranked men’s tennis player? (Andy Murray)


6    Who was the main character in the American sitcom Here’s Lucy?? (Lucille Ball)


7    What is bosun short for? (boatswain)


8    passenger-pigeonsWhich species of bird once flew across America in hundreds of millions? (passenger)


9    What did the forerunner of the European Union, the EEC stand for? (European Economic Community also known as The Common Market)


10  Which New Zealand metropolitan newspaper is not owned by one of the big chains? (Otago Daily Times)