The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 46 Answers

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America's next president
America’s next president

  1    Which town was closest to the epicentre of the recent 7.5 earthquake? (Waiau)


2    What is the date for the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump? (20 January 2017)


3    In which sport is the Constellation Cup contested? (netball)


4    Tapis is a food dish, a decorated tapestry or a Spanish dance?  (a decorated tapestry)


5    silver-fernsWhat was the nationality of jazzman Bix Beiderbecke? (American)


6    New Zealand uses about 90% of the world’s supply of 1080 poison. True or false? (True)


7    Julia Gillard was Australian prime minister until mid 2013. Name her three successors. (Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull)


8  pearl-harbor  In which part of the body is the AC joint located? (the shoulder)


9    What happened on what Franklin Roosevelt called a day which will live in infamy? (the bombing of Pearl Harbor)


10  Who played the two leading roles in the 1960 film The Millionairess? (Sophia Loren and Peter Sellars)