The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 112 Answers

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  • Answers below.


  1. China took over Hong Kong from Britain in 1995, 1997 or 1999? (1997)


  1. Stephen Joyce was educated at Kapiti College. True or False? (False)


  1. What is the nationality of this year’s Oscar wining director? (Spanish)


  1. Where was New Zealand’s first capital? (Russell)


  1. Which state of Australia never accepted convicts? (South Australia)


  1. In the New Testament Christ said that Solomon is all his glory could not match which flowers? (lilies)


  1. How many symphonies did Beethoven compose? (nine)


  1. In the Don McLean song American Pie what drink were the good old boys imbibing? (whiskey and rye)


  1. Which party has joined Angel Merkel’s Christian Democrats to form a new German government? (Social Democrats)


  1. What is loess? (soil derived from wind blown material)

















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