The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 108 Answers

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  1. In which country has a huge city recently been discovered beneath the surface? (Guatemala)


  1. The losers in the recent Super Bowl final come from which region of the United States? (New England)


  1. Name the actress who plays the lead role in the film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. (Frances McDormond)


  1. Where was New Zealand’s second capital? (Aucklamd)


  1. Name the New Zealander who was Shackleton’s captain? (Frank Worsley)


  1. What part of the body is affected by myeloma? (the bones)


  1. In which month of which year did the Wall St Crash occur? (October 1929)


  1. Which American singer first recorded Diamonds on the Souls of their Shoes? (Paul Simon)


  1. What is the geographic name for the basin which contains a nevé/snowfield? (a cirque)


  1. What was New Zealand’s Bird of the Year in 2017? (kea)