The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 106

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  • Answers below.


  1. In which country was Lego first developed? (Denmark)


  1. In 2017 Australia and South Africa had 10 Super Rugby teams. How many will they have this year: 7, 8 or 9? (7)


  1. Which MP drafted the End of Life Choice Bill? (David Seymour)


  1. Who wrote the play called The Daylight Athiest? (Tom Scott)


  1. When the Duke of Cambridge eventually becomes king, what number William will he be? (V)


  1. All Maori men could vote before all non-Maori males gained that right. True of false? (True)


  1. Where in the world is the Skeleton Coast? (the coast of Namibia in southwest Africa)


  1. In the Glen Campbell song, what place would he be at when he knew she’ll be rising? (Phoenix)


  1. Which part of body was the weak point for the Greek warrior Achilles? (the heel)


  1. What type of rainfall occurs when air rises and cools over mountains? (orographical)