The KIN Mid-Week Quiz 105

  • See question 10.

    The third quiz for 2018.


  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!


  • Answers on Sunday.


  1. Who were the singles champions in the 2017 Australian Tennis Open?


  1. The Treaty of Waitangi established a formal partnership between Maori and the Crown. True or false?


  1. We call them Sounds, what is the Norwegian term?


  1. The island of Corsica is part of France, Italy or Spain?


  1. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which king was assassinated?


  1. According to Christ in the New Testament, which monarch dressed in his finery couldn’t match the lilies of the field?


  1. the film The Post is set in which city?


  1. Who wrote the poem with the opening line I met a traveler from an antique land?


  1. When on the body would you find the iliotibial band?


  1. What is the calm area in the middle of a hurricane called?